MSI WW1 workshop trolley




Dimensions 750/400/870, weight 46kg

Equipped with four drawers with ball bearing slides. Partitions in drawers are immobile. Closed with two-part blinds on both sides with the possibility of securing, e.g. with a padlock. The table top made of multilayer plywood, covered with black, checkered rubber. The bottom space of the trolley, under drawers can be used for storing items of larger dimensions. In addition there is a removable insert.
The trolley uses two 150mm diameter wheels on a fixed axle. Permissible load of 2x800N (80kG).There are also two 100mm swivel wheels (including one with a brake) with a permissible load of 2x700N (70kG). The handle is made of pipe( 22×2 diameter)

The trolley is powder painted in blue as standard. After prior contact, before buying, It is possible to agree on a different color, which, however, may be associated with a longer waiting time for the ordered item
Trolley total load: 1500N (150kG)
Load capacity of drawer: 150N (15kG)

Manual post rammer for gardening
handle – 34mm x 350mm
corpus – 34mm x 680mm
base – 25x200x200
weight – 10kg

Can be used for firming and compacting soil, but also for compacting and leveling small surfaces of aggregate, concrete or asphalt. Massive, made entirely of metal. Painted with black powder.
Handle and corpus made of ø34mm x 3mm pipe. The base is a steel plate. All elements are welded. The inseparable connection guarantees the beater’s durability.

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Weight 46 kg