Our offer is addressed to both wholesale and retail customers.

We manufacture metal products used in large and small workshops, service centers, on construction sites and wherever there is a need to organize and segregate tools, devices and other small items.

We currently perform:

  • tool boxes
  • cassette
  • workshop trolleys
  • steel cases
  • traveling bases for cases
  • folding workbenches

Standard products are tailored to our clients’ needs. In particular the choice of color and texture of paints, embossing or painting logo signs, changes in sheet thickness and even overall dimensions (only for large orders).

The products are painted with powder paints after degreasing and phosphatizing the surface in a water bath. We use cartons or shrink film for packing.

We send products to the recipient packed on EURO pallets or as individual packages at smaller sales. We deal in wholesale and retail sales.

Detailed information about the products can be found in the relevant catalogs in the menu of this page.